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Diagnose Your Vehicle’s Problems and find Car Repair in Santa Monica

November 7th, 2014 by admin · No Comments

It pays to learn a little about your car, especially when it just comes down to figuring out signs to diagnose specific problem areas, so that you can appear knowledgeable to your mechanic and be able to negotiate fair prices for automotive repair service. Being able to identify and talk about the problems your car is experiencing is a good point to begin when speaking to a mechanic, as it exhibits your knowledge and familiarity, which is often a big factor when it comes to being quoted a price. Learning about your car and the ways to diagnose its problems is important to keep mechanics from up selling you on services and other products.

The main tool that you will need to diagnose your car’s problems is to get an On Board Diagnostics reader, which is a device that plugs into your car’s diagnostic port. When the OBD reader is connected to your 1996 and newer vehicle, it will identify your car’s problem. These OBD readers start at about $50, but the investment will go a long way in being able to diagnose many of your car’s problems. In addition to using electronic diagnostic tools, it is also very important to learn about other signs that your car may show that indicate specific problems. Signs such as different colors of smoke coming out of your exhaust can show that your fuel calibration is off, your engine burning too much oil, or your radiator is leaking coolant.

In looking for sounds that are associated with problems, it is important to know what sounds to pay attention for, such as screeches, clicks, tapping, hisses, thumps, squeals, and more. These sounds can be associated with problematic belts, loose or damaged parts, and leaks. In addition to hearing specific problem noises, it is important to know what signs mean trouble, such as refilling your fluids, as well as being able to identify leaks from the color of the leaked fluids. Transmission fluid is typically dark red, engine oil is black or brown, and coolant is usually green. Clear fluids that you may see leaking from your car may be brake fluid, if it is slippery. It can also be gasoline, which you will be able to tell from the smell. Water is also often found under cars, dripping from condensation from the air conditioning system.

When you have the skills and knowledge to diagnose your car’s problems, you can take in your vehicle for car repair Santa Monica, and communicate your issues to a professional and trustworthy mechanic. Being aware and knowledgeable about your car can help you deal with mechanics you are unfamiliar with and stabilize a fair price in negotiations with them. Learning to diagnose your car’s troubles is valuable and will often prove to be a very useful skill, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in auto repair work.

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