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Don’t Sleep And Drive

May 23rd, 2013 by Houston Limos · No Comments

Do you ever have a long, tiring day at work? Perhaps you sometimes find school and homework to be exhausting? Or maybe, just the simple task of running basic errands has you craving a mid-afternoon nap? No matter what your current situation may be, lack of sleep is common among Americans. Unfortunately, whether you have a long or short drive home, falling asleep at the wheel is possible and can/does happen. Luckily, there are new and evolving devices now available in different brands and models of vehicles that could possible prevent accidents from happening due to sleeping while driving.

What’s The Device?

The device, known as the “anti-sleep alarm system,” is a simple piece or gadget that fits over the ear. ( Stated as being easy and comfortable to wear, this plastic device seems to slip over your ear, as if it’s a telephone earpiece i.e. a Bluetooth tool or headphones. A sensor inside the gadget then monitors the angle or position of your neck. For instances, if you’ve ever fallen asleep sitting up, then you know how your neck seems to fall forward in a downward angle. You then have the potential of being asleep for seconds, minutes, or maybe even hours.

This device searches for different indications that your neck (the driver’s) is tilting forward. Once a shift in position is calculated, whether it’s as small as a fifteen-degree change or as big as a thirty-degree change, an alarm is immediately sounded. It’s important to note that while the sound created is loud and annoying (enough to wake the driver), it’s not too unsettling to cause panic, resulting in a wreck.

What Cars Is The Device Available In?

It’s interesting to note that there is a list of manufacturers (higher end manufactures) that is actually adding this device to the vehicle directly in the factory. These manufactures include, but are not limited to: Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Volvo, and Saab.

The devices and gadgets can be different, too. The Lexus and Saab’s devices are known to keep track of the eyes of the driver, while the Mercedes-Benz and Volvos are, as stated above, vehicles that monitor the position and angle of the driver’s neck, as well as change in performance of the actual car.

Why Is This Device Important?

This device is not only a good invention, but also an important one, as drivers falling asleep at the wheel cause many accidents. There is a high need for this device by a vast range of groups, including: truck drivers with heavy schedules, teenagers or students with late-hour study sessions, travelers or spring breakers, security guards, and those who work odd or unconventional shifts.

Other Important Facts

Though these anti-sleep alarms could potentially save lives, saving money each month could also be a benefit. Insurance companies tend to like or favor these devices, as they stand the chance to prevent wrecks i.e. causing damage or death on the road. Therefore, you stand the chance of saving money each month on your car insurance bill by using an anti-sleep device.

Anti-sleep devices are noted as being helpful and life saving; however, they’re not perfect. Accidents could still happen, proving that the best method to avoid falling asleep at the wheel is to not get behind the wheel when feeling particularly tired or worn out.

This article was written by Kate Simmons, a freelance writer on behalf of Kate frequently writes on topics such as insurance and finance.

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