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Get an MOT for your car in Manchester City Centre

March 4th, 2014 by Houston Limos · No Comments

MOT’s are something you have to get for your car, but what if you have to work in Manchester City Centre and you don’t have time to drop you car off at a mechanics locally and then get to work?

It can be quite a daunting prospect, especially as a lot of garages only open at 9am, and you don’t want to have to take the morning of work to get your car in the garage for 9 and then have to get the bus to work. It’s a lot of hassle. But what other options are there?

Well, what if you could get an MOT in Manchester City Centre? With Auto Care Assist, you can. Not only are they in the city centre, but they’re right by Piccadilly train station, meaning you have great access links to the rest of Manchester. Whether you choose to use the tram service leaving from Piccadilly, or use one of the many busses that stop at the station. Furthermore, if you work close to Piccadilly station, then it’s only going to be a short walk to work.

So What Does an MOT Cover?

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) test is a test that your car has to pass each year. This test is designed to determine whether or not your car is roadworthy. Which, if it isn’t, is not permitted to be driven on the roads of Greater Manchester.

An MOT test is likely to check the following:

> Lamps, Reflectors and Electrical Equipment. This includes checking your headlights, brake lights and the other lights you might not use often but still need, such as your fog lights and high beams. These are important to check as you may find yourself in need of them at short notice.

> Steering and Suspension. This is another imperative thing to check. Your car has to be able to drive straight and respond to your guidance accurately. If your steering is loose or veers to one side when driving straight, your car might not pass its MOT test.

> Brakes. Your brakes need to be checked thoroughly as worn brake pads can increase the amount of time it takes to stop. This becomes unsafe as you could misjudge the amount of space needed between yourself and the car in front of you. If that car brakes suddenly and you have worn brakes, there is a chance you could cause a collision.

> Tryes and Road Wheels. Your tyres need checking for their health as if they are worn, you could lose control of the car at any moment. Agian, if the tryes are very worn, they could burst at any minute leading to an instant loss of control of the car. Very dangerous.

> Seat Belts & Supplementary Restraint Systems. Seat belts are there for your own safety, and if these aren’t working properly, you’re in danger in your own car even if it has a 5* safety rating. At the same time, airbags are also checked for how effective they are an added safety feature to many cars.

> Body, Structure and General Items. The structure of your car needs to be maintained to the highest standard. Any loose body parts of your car could come flying off at any minute and distress other drivers who could then cause a collision.

> Exhaust, Fuel and Emissions. Your fuel system has to be thoroughly checked as it deals with a highly flammable liquid so this part of the MOT Test is carried out with extra precision.

> Drivers View of the Road. A clear view for a driver is a must when driving. If their view is impeded then a car could fail an MOT. This could be as simple as the water spray nozzle not spraying enough of the windscreen. If the windscreen gets muddy and can’t be clean, the drivers view is impeded and the car is unsafe to drive.

Why do I need an MOT?

The reason for having an MOT test is to make sure cars aren’t falling apart on our roads. Imagine if you were driving along and suddenly all four tyres on the car in front of you burst. That car is now out of control and could lead to a serious incident for yourself or other road users. An MOT test would have picked up that the cars tyres were very close to bursting and would have had them replaced before the car could go back on the road.

This is why we need MOTs, to prevent accidents on the road and ensure a higher standard of driving safety.

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