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Haulage Associations for UK Trucking Companies

February 2nd, 2015 by admin · No Comments

Hauliers can make the most of their tough jobs by associating with the haulage associations in the country. Many non-profit associations have had a time tested relationship with the hauliers. Most of these organizations focus on being an interface between hauliers on one hand and the Government on the other. As a connect between hauliers and the Government, these associations work towards offering open and transparent communication channels.

UK associations have done a commendable job in the past on more than one occasions. They have talked to the Government to address common issues that affect a haulage company. The biggest point of deliberations in the past have centred around fuel duties in the UK. These associations have brought to the Treasury’s notice higher than usual duties that affect a haulier’s business.

Besides working with the Government on issues related to fuel duties, taxes, driver training and road safety, many associations have also entered into formal agreements with service providers that offer a wide array of service to the hauliers. We will pick a couple of such services. These associations have had working relationship with companies that offer fleet and vehicle tracking services across UK. Members of these associations end up earning discounts on fleet tracking contracts and devices that have been ordered as part of the association membership. Exclusive benefits on recurrent vehicle tracking billing are also made available to members of the association.

On a similar basis, these associations have working relationship with many UK fuel card providers. Members of these associations are able to acquire fuel cards at special pricing and at contractual terms that are normally not available in the public domain. Some associations also act as a conduit between the fuel card provider and the member and help escalate customer service issues at the right forum within the fuel card company.

Haulage company associations are able to derive better monetary terms from suppliers of fuel cards and vehicle tracking devices. Being a member is a cause that a haulier should consider. Over and above these benefits, you will be a part of a unified group that can take up common ills plaguing the haulage companies in UK.



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