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Important information to know before you buy personalised number plates in the UK

September 3rd, 2013 by Houston Limos · No Comments

There are certain rules and regulations you have to meet if you are looking for a personalised number plate. Your number plates should:

  • be made from a reflective material
  • display black characters on a white background (front plate)
  • display black characters on a yellow background (rear plate)
  • not have a background pattern

The characters on a number plate can be 3D but there are no guidelines to say either way.

However, it can be difficult to get a number plate with the exact message, name or number that you are after. One option is to keep an eye out for your ‘ideal’ plate on various auction sites, you can register an alert for your ideal personalised number plate when it comes up for sale.

For a gift however, this can be a long process. The chances are that if it is your ideal number plate, it is someone else’s too. A suitable alternative could be a show plate, a plate which can be multi-coloured and textured but is not able to be used on the road. A show plate is just, as the name suggests, for show.

When it comes to show number plates in the UK there are no rules or regulations that can stop you from designing and owning your own unique plate. You can even add a patterned background or images to the plate which reflect you and your personality. Why not choose a coloured or textured font that will really make your plate stand out from the crowd? With our easy to use design program, making a show plate is simple! You can make it as complicated or simple as you want, it is fully customisable!

At Proplates we offer both official UK number plates that meet DVLA regulations and fully customisable bespoke show plates. Find out more at

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