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Latch stuck closed with door open

November 8th, 2012 by Houston Limos · No Comments

Locks are used on various doors on your property to provide safety and security to your home. If you are like most people, you dutifully lock all of your home’s exterior doors when leaving the house for the day, before going to bed at night and more. Quality locks are designed to provide you with many years of hassle-free use, but all locks will eventually develop issues due to wear and tear, mechanical breakdown of the locking mechanism components, the development of rust and more. While some people find that their door won’t lock or unlock while the door is closed, you may have discovered that your latch is stuck in the closed position while the door is open. With the latch engaged in the locked position, you may not be able to close the door until your issue is resolved. There are several steps that you can take to attempt to fix your latch.

If the Knobs Won’t Turn

If your latch is stuck in the closed position and the knobs won’t turn, your entire locking mechanism may be jammed. One possible solution available to you is to grease or lubricate the door knob. Spray lubricant generally works best, and you can spray the grease straight into the crevices of both your door knob and latch. This lubrication may be sufficient to allow the locking mechanism to work. If not, you can remove the door knob from the door. Clean the door knob thoroughly, then apply a thorough coating of spray lubricant to the mechanism. You can reassemble the door knob components again to see if this rectifies your issue.

If the Knobs Turn
If the knobs turn but the latch doesn’t move, your interior locking mechanism may have become misaligned, or it may have broken altogether. You should remove the door knob from the door and inspect the locking mechanism. If all of the components appear to fit together and function properly, you can reassemble the door knob in the door. This process of taking the door knob apart and reassembling it may correct an issue of components that have become misaligned. If the components do not function when the door knob is removed from the door, it may be time to replace the door knob.

Professional Assistance

In some cases, it is not possible to run out to the store and purchase a new door knob. For example, if your front door knob is having the issue, you may not be able to secure your home while you run to the store for a replacement door knob. You can most easily enjoy a fast and simple resolution to your issue by calling a Gilbert locksmith to your home. A locksmith can verify that your door knob does need to be replaced, and he can provide you with on-site replacement service. If the door knob can be repaired, the locksmith can provide you with this service as well.

The proper function of your doors’ locks is critical for the safety of those who live inside your home as well as for the security of your property. When a latch is stuck in the closed position but the door is open, you will not be able to close your door until the issue is resolved. If you cannot resolve the issue on your own, contact a Gilbert locksmith immediately for professional assistance.

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