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July 26th, 2012 by Houston Limos · No Comments

Users can survey song choices, baby names, even presidential candidate preference

CINCINNATI (July 16, 2012) – Today mob{s}way announces the launch of, a free application that allows Twitter users to set up and track the results of their own opinion polls. Users can gauge support for everything from ice cream flavors to presidential candidates.

“The idea began as a way to use Twitter to gather data about how people feel about certain topics,” said Ryan Kanzeg, co-developer and co-founder of mob{s}way.

Here’s how mob{s}way works: Users first go to and set up a #trackTag, a Twitter hashtag that is the topic to be voted upon. They then send a Tweet inviting their followers to vote, including the #trackTag. Followers then Tweet the #trackTag as well as a #voteTag, which is their choice in the poll. Mob{s}way does the rest, keeping track of all the #voteTags people Tweet along with the #trackTag.

For example, a couple trying to choose a name for their baby sets up the poll #jonesBabyName. They Tweet to their followers: “Help us choose our baby’s name by Tweeting #jonesBabyName #Michael or #jonesBabyName #John.” One of their followers Tweets “My Dad was named John so I vote for #jonesBabyName #John.” Mob{s}way counts that Tweet as one vote for the name John.

“The app has many practical applications,” said Gary Yochum, co-developer and co-founder of mob{s}way. “It can be used by businesses to decide a new ice cream flavor to launch, or by news organizations gathering feedback from their audience.”

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