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Most Extravagant Number Plates

December 29th, 2014 by admin · No Comments

Huge amount of money are put up for fancy number plates.

In Qatar, vast amounts of money are being offered for personalised and elaborate looking registration plates.

An auction which was completely online, though necessarily reported as eBay, had seen one individual bid 200,000,000 riyals, which is roughly £35,000,000, for a number plate which is apparently quite unique and collectible. The number plate in question reads, ‘333355’… The auction house named The Interior Ministry announced the auction after it had finished over a tweet. There are apparently 18 more number plates to be auctioned off in total, all of which start with the number three. It has been reported before that number plates which have a memorable or unique look to them are increasingly sought after, and the demand is high in the affluent area around Qatar, which includes the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. Plates which feature repeated numbers or birth dates are increasing in demand says the auctioneer’s website.

Earlier this year, a rather heated bidding war also took place close to Qatar, in the United Arab Emirates. The auction, in a similar fashion, was over a phone number made up of the numbers 777 7777. The National, which is an English newspaper in UAE, reported that sixty people fought over the prized number, which eventually was sold for 7.9 million dirham, or £1,400,000. One of the bidders said that the biggest appeal was having a phone number which is so easy to remember. He also stated that some of the other bidders were taking out loans to cover the bids they were making. We do not know if the bidder that was spoken to actually won the auction as this statement was made before the bidding began, though he knew it would go for a high price. Bidders in UAE needed to be certain that their finances were in order though, as anyone who wins an auction but then fails to pay up in time, can receive a heavy fine for this failure, and will obviously be stripped of their prized number plate or phone number.

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