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Organizing Your Car

December 18th, 2013 by Houston Limos · No Comments

Millions of Americans rely on their automobiles to get them to work, school, the grocery store, and every destination in between. Some of us rely on our cars and trucks more than others – while some might only drive to the local market, there’s thousands of people who consider themselves “road warriors”, logging countless hours behind the wheel. The car has become more than just a mode of transportation – we eat in our cars, sometimes sleep in them, and make memories as we drive them out on the open road. For some, it’s an expression of our personality.

All this time spent driving, and in our cars, can make things a little disorganized. Anyone with kids knows how easy it is for your car to become dirty with crumbs, wrappers and more. Those without kids are prone to it, as well – it’s easy to let your nice, clean car become clutter. And the disorganization goes beyond just the inside of your car – there are maintenance schedules, registrations, and inspections to deal with.

One way to help keep your car clean is to think of it as an extension of your home – you certainly spend enough time in it to consider it as such! You wouldn’t leave food wrappers on the carpet of your house – don’t leave them on the floor of your car, either. And just as you would set a time aside each week to thoroughly clean your home, you should set aside some time each week to clean out your car – vacuum the floor, clean the windows, and ensure the interior is looking great.

Most people set aside some time at the beginning of the spring to organize their entire home – and you can do the same with your car! At the beginning of each season, thoroughly inspect your car to make sure you have everything that’s necessary – registration and insurance in the top of the glove box; jumper cables, spare tire and tools in the trunk. Alternatively, many people now use an online organizer to store their insurance documents – that way, the document is always up to date.

Every automobile has a different maintenance schedule that’s influenced by a variety of factors – type of car, the number of miles driven, driving conditions, and the wear life of different parts. Managing all of these different factors can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. You can use an online notebook like Nexuspad to keep notes on when different parts are replaced – and with Nexuspad, you can scan your documents from mechanics to place into your online document storage folder, so you can have proof of maintenance when it’s time to sell the car; or just have it stored for your own records. An online calendar makes a perfect option to set reminders of when the registration and inspection are set to expire.

With a little organization, you can keep your car looking great inside while ensuring that it’s being maintained properly, saving your frustration and giving you a car that you can be proud of!

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