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Personal number plates – more than a fad

July 25th, 2013 by Houston Limos · No Comments

Next time you are walking down the street or having a jaunt around town take note of the amount of cars that pass you by with personal number plates. You may be wondering why people still buy personalised number plates? Well believe it or not it is still a thriving and big business making a tidy profit for the UK’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in agency fees.

Clearly then there is demand for personalised number plates and people will pay big bucks to get the letter and number combination they desire. These number plates do not just remain exclusive to the rich and famous; even us regular Joes are getting in on the act. Typically seen on TV screens people now see it as a way to customised their beloved vehicles.

Various names and numbers can be scrawled through the multiplicity of listing sites which enable would-be plate holders to discover and bid on their perfect number plate. Did you know that there is a whole under-current of business that exists for personalised number plates as well? In a similar pattern to eBay, seasoned experts know where and when to sniff out a valuable number plate when they see one and sell it on for a profit.

For the thousands of drivers in the UK who possess a personalised number plate they regard it as far more than just a legal requirement. It goes beyond a means of identification and develops into a statement of individuality and investment. This doesn’t mean to say that everyone views these number plates in the same vein. Some regard them as an ostentatious waste of money and view them as extremely pointless. Other people of course do not even own cars so will doubtless be indignant to an opinion.

The fact remains however that personal number plates have and continue to be big business, especially in the UK. One thing is certain; where there is demand there will be plenty of ways to take advantage of it.

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