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ABS light ON, ABS pump is always running

June 6th, 2013 by Houston Limos · No Comments

ABS light ON, ABS pump is always running,. The module is failing causing problems with the ABS pump running constantly, also will drain your battery. Remove the ABS fuse to prevent ABS motor burn out. We repair ABS modules (also known as EBCM electronic brake control modules) for many vehicles, please see list below. Dont wait until your ABS pump burns out. We rebuild it within 24 hours and ship it back ready to install. You can still drive your vehicle with the module removed. We recommend covering the exposed surface of the hydraulic control unit with aluminum foil to keep out water and dirt. Kelsey Hayes 325, 125, 430. Delphi Delco ABS EBCM. Bosch, ATE units.

At we save you money rebuilding your automotive electronics!

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