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Does the speedometer reads 65 mph when is parked in the driveway?

June 6th, 2013 by Houston Limos · No Comments

Is the instrument cluster in you vehicle giving you problems? Does the speedometer reads 65 mph when is parked in the driveway? If you are having problems with the Gauges (Speedometer, Tach, Gas, Temp, Battery, Oil, Tranny temp) in your vehicle where they are fluttering, sticking, reading incorrectly (120 MPH), or just refusing to work.

Dealers charge over $650 dollars to repair this issue. We can make all your cluster related problems disappear in no time and for a fraction of that dealer cost and take care of that for you for life of the vehicle.

This rebuild corrects the faults of the original electronic design. Parts are not merely replaced to restore operation, but upgraded to prevent failure from occurring again. We install new upgraded stepper motors that will outlast the original stepper motors that fail.

If your cluster has intermittent power loss, we recommend you have your vehicle inspected by a certified mechanic first to determine if battery, wiring and fuses are functioning correctly before you send your gauge cluster to us for repair. For any power issues you will need to purchase the full cluster rebuild.

At we save you money rebuilding your automotive electronics!

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