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Beating The Summer Heat To Keep Your Drive

April 30th, 2013 by Houston Limos · No Comments

Courier work is hard enough, but driving and making deliveries in the sweltering heat can cause you to be sluggish, sleepy, tired and exhausted long before you normally are! Imagine being hours inside a truck or van as the temperature goes up, and your vehicle’s airconditioning being unable to cope with the temperature outside- has that happened to you? If you’re an independent operator whose income depends on maximizing your trips and deliveries, you’ll find that oppressive heat can drastically cut down on your productivity.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you stay in tiptop shape on the job even when temperatures are at an all time high!

Stay Hydrated.

There is no better protection from the heat than making sure you have plenty of water, inside and out. Drink, drink, drink!  Flushing your body with water can help you protect yourself from exhaustion and heat related fatigue in the course of your courier work. Drink BEFORE you’re thirsty- if you’re waiting until you are completely parched, you’ll be well on your way to dehydration, the active courier’s worst enemy. Make sure you drink water as soon as you feel the need to, and if possible, even before.

Make sure you always keep a container of drinking water near you, particularly for long drives for courier work (or even short ones through bad traffic) to ensure you have sufficient liquids within arm’s reach to head off any signs of dehydration.

Keep Your Vehicle In TipTop Shape

There is nothing worse than a vehicle overheating in the middle of nowhere or running out of oil or gas before you’ve completed your courier work. Even if you’ve finished your deliveries, getting stuck beside a broken down van, truck or even a bicycle is no fun. Always make sure you check your vehicle’s water, oil and tours before setting out for a day of deliveries.

If possible, plan your routes to ensure you won’t be spending too much time in traffic or over long roads with no shade. Make the use of smartphone apps to check the best place to pass with minimum traffic, preferably with shades.

Let Yourself Sweat

Those  posters and postcards that say “Don’t Sweat It” isn’t true when you’re talking about doing courier work in the middle of a hot dusty summer- you’re going to need to If you find yourself outside for an extended period of time, which is what courier work involves. While sweating may seem unseemly and uncomfortable, it helps cool down your body’s temperature to help keep you from being exhausted, while   stopping sweating is the first sign of heat exhaustion.  Just carry a small towel nearby and maybe a fresh shirt just in case.

Cool Clothes, Literally

It’s best to wear light colored, airy clothing to prevent yourself from heating up more than you have to. Airy clothing, however, does not necessarily mean being frumpy, ragged or unkempt)-  remember,  you still may have to make deliveries that necessitate going inside to deliver goods or packages. The brighter colors reflect the sun, which should help keep you calm, cool, and collected throughout the day.

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