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6 reasons to own an electric car

April 25th, 2013 by Houston Limos · No Comments

Harmful green house gases are emitted by gas powered automobiles. One good way to reduce the emission of these harmful gases into the environment is by driving an electric car. Electric vehicles produce fewer emissions. The sales of these types of electric cars only account to 0.1% of total automobiles this year. This small figure sales of electric vehicles is because of lack of consumer knowledge about the advantages of electric cars.

There are many practical benefits of electric vehicles. The following are some of them listed.

1. Fuel Efficiency:

One huge advantage the electric vehicles have is the fuel efficiency.Electric cars do not need gas and run on electricity. This is really beneficial for the car owners as they can save lots of money on gasoline, especially the prices of fuel are hiking every day. There are hybrid cars that have back up gasoline engine which makes it possible to travel many miles with just little fuel. Other advantage with hybrid electrical vehicles are that the main battery can be recharged from brakes or movement of the wheels when driving on gasoline.

2. Noise

All the electric cars make zero noise. They run almost silently. They are extremely quiet when compared to the cars that run of gasoline. The noise and vibrations are not noticed when travelling on the main roads or through residential streets. The cars are so silent that many people do not even realize an engine running until they are just a few meters near them. These cars are very nice as they are easier to start without making noise and can be started without causing a disturbance to the family or neighbours especially at nights or early mornings. It is also preferable as it avoids sound pollution.

3. Air Quality:

cars that run on gasoline are the earth’s biggest carbon dioxide offenders. On the contrary, electric vehicles produce no emissions. Electric cars and other vehicle powered by electricity produce low emissions on the road. The emissions are negligible when the car is run under electric power and do not have any impact on the environment. This will improve the quality of the air on the local areas and the drivers too will be saved from being exposed to harmful exhaust from the cars every day. The electric cars also have an impact on the health, they save us from many health problems.

4. Low Running Costs:

electricity is cheaper than petrol, so the running costs of electric cars will be lower than fuel powered cars. The electric cars have only one gear and so there will be no clutch. As there will be no internal combustion of the engine, there will be no necessity of the oil change. One lifestyle benefit everybody can enjoy using an electric vehicle is they do not have to visit a petrol bunk again, and just charge the car at the comforts of their home. As the electricity required to run an electric car costs only around 1/5th of the fuel costs, you can save a lot of money.

5. Tax Incentives:

many cities have implemented programs that provide tax incentives who purchase and drive electric vehicles. These tax incentives reduce the cost of the vehicle when they are purchased. Smart cars or electric cars are designed to encourage people to shift to driving cars with fewer emissions and less fuel consumption. These incentives depend on the locality and have different rules for different areas.

6. Safety:

electric cars have many features that make their usage safer than the fuel powered cars. The internal engine of the electric cars have higher resistance to damage at times like car crash. Electric cars do not have large gas tanks like the fuel cars, hence the chance of a fire during accidents is avoided. The new electric cars have metal frames that offer complete protection to the drivers and passengers in case of accidents.

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