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Private Number Plates

May 24th, 2013 by Houston Limos · No Comments

It’s nice to stand out sometimes, to have something a little different so that people can tell that your personal touch has been added into the things that you own or into the things that you do. This can cover pretty much anything in life, from the way you decorate your house to the way you dress, from how you cook to where you go on holiday; if you make things just that little bit different, in favour of your own personal preference of course, you can certainly seem to be a more unique individual.

But it’s also a way of saying to the world that you do not need to be the same as everybody else, because that one-size-fits-all kind of philosophy isn’t your thing, and because it doesn’t allow room for an individual to aptly express themselves. This can be said of big brands, who try to sell you their own individuality (which is the case – brand identities exist) – but it is not something you can buy like that. A pair of trainers that are owned and worn every day by hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions, of people in the world are not individual, no matter which way you sell them.

By that logic, then, uniqueness truly does depend on your own personal touch. Even something as seemingly small as private number plates can be a really nice way to show your individuality. It’s something that everybody has (like a pair of trainers) except it can be completely different, contrary to that random jumble of letters and numbers that’s blazoned on them when you first buy your car. Things like this are really cool for expressing your own sense of self, whether that be through naming, opinion or humour, because they are something that everybody has to have on their cars – and a lot of people have cars – so something different in a sea of random letters and numbers is really going to stand out. In a good way.

Things like this just say to the world, “I am unique” – which is true of all of us. Everybody is different, so to go around looking the same, sounding the same, having the same boring, governmental number plates even, seems a little insane. Embrace your individuality – it’s out there somewhere, whether it be far or near, waiting for you to discover it.

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