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Read instaVIN Reviews for the Proper Guidance

June 5th, 2013 by Houston Limos · No Comments

Every now and then, it is important to receive balanced advice and direction when it comes to making big decisions in life. As an example, if you were to send your toddler to preschool you would most likely seek advice from your local network of parents, family members, and teachers about where to send your child. Along the same lines, if you were going to remodel a part of your home you would likely do thorough research to ensure that you pick the most reputable, reliable home improvement company with impressive customer reviews.

Purchasing a used vehicle is no exception.  Before you put any money down it is important to receive reliable information regarding the history of your future vehicle.  You can turn to a company like CARFAX® for car history and title information only to find that the information you receive is outdated and highly inaccurate.  Or, you could choose to download a vehicle history and title report from instaVIN, a company that provides accurate and real-time data on used vehicles.

If you are looking evidence that instaVIN offers reliable information, check out one of the instaVIN review submitted by a satisfied customer, Sylvia. She is from Milwaukee, WI and her testimonial expresses how she was about to buy a used Nissan Altima from a man who was selling it through a well known online source. She said, “I decided to get a report first and I found INSTAVIN. The report said the car had been totaled [this was reported by Geico] and had been at a place called CoPart. When I looked them up, I saw that they sell junk/salvage/total loss cars—and some of them looked pretty bad. So I didn’t buy that car. I got another one and checked it through INSTAVIN first — it didn’t have problems. $7 for each report it was worth it.”

Clearly, Sylvia was happy about the results the instaVIN vehicle history report produced. Thanks to instaVIN’s partnership with the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), the facts about the Nissan Altima were clearly revealed.  She would not have been able to obtain this type of information elsewhere.  You read that right. In fact, a company like CARFAX® does not even have access to this kind of information.

A vehicle history report from a major brand company like CARFAX® has been known to provide misleading, outdated information that could put a potential buyer in harms way down the road! What is also disappointing is that these big brand vehicle data suppliers charge $45.00 for just one report. instaVIN offers accurate, real-time vehicle history and title reports for only $6.99 a piece.

It’s a shame that heavy hitter companies like CARFAX® have dedicated so much revenue toward advertising campaigns only to skimp on the quality of their products. This sentiment has been repeatedly expressed by instaVIN customers, which is why countless instaVIN reviews support the notion that it is in your best interest to choose instaVIN products and services over their competitors. Why go anywhere else when you can get so much more for much less?

When you are ready to buy or sell a used car and are in need of the highest quality vehicle data, visit You will not only save yourself a lot of money, but will equip yourself with the critical vehicle information you need to make an informed decision.

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