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Want a better transport contract? 5 skills you need

April 25th, 2013 by Houston Limos · No Comments

How can you assure an effective business relationship and the best deal? Which business partner is the right one for you? While there are several specific skills and technical areas of expertise you may have to have in the haulage industry, there are also some human skills you can take hold of to help yourself to the solid agreements.

Since whether or not you are a company with a fleet of vehicles, a freight forwarder or someone with cargo that needs moving, there are a different choices for deals and partnerships, and yet this can be difficult and overwhelming, using these skills helps you get an edge.

Money Management Skills

Its basic to know just how each agreement and negotiation will shape your cost sheet and bottom line, because every one of your small deals must serve the business as a whole in monetary terms. After all, manage your costs is a not just a skill to attain a transport contract, its a life skill. In the arena of haulage, since there you will most likely be signing many freelance agreements, the two parties who sign will be best served by having basic financial and accounting skills.

Technology Skills

These days, a transport contract goes past mere words with pens and on paper. If you can make use of the software and online tools available, such as online haulage exchanges, you can compete against the best and brightest of your competitors. The online marketplace and new technology have transformed the industry and should you wish to catch the best business partners and maintain strong contact with them, you will need to attain some level of understanding of technology.

Communication Skills

Reflective listening, supporting gestures, open posture and calm conflict management are skills anyone can learn, and most probably should. This is why communication skills are at the heart of creating an excellent transport contract. Can you imagine contacting a prospective client, organising a phone conference, reading a draft contract, or checking on the progress of a delivery, and not being aided in achieving your goals by using excellent communication skills?


The capacity to build rapport with by knowing when to call, what to do to market your brand, and just when to make a social event or connection is essential in making a lengthy client list which will lead to many a transport contract. Even the single agreement is airtight in the end you will need to continue to create more agreements and develop your brand


Any agreement is created in the context of multiplicit actions and many routes. There are different pieces of software and training courses that can assist you to best plan, prioritise and have effective time management. This equals being able to focus on more than one thing at a time which is vital if you want to an efficient and time-saving individial or office.

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