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Do’s and Don’ts of upholstery cleaning: your guide to safe and beautiful furniture

October 16th, 2015 by admin · No Comments

Upholstered furniture is beautiful; and very hard to take care of. You have to keep a lot of things on your mind while trying to clean them. Don’t worry; we are here to give you a few simple and easy-to-remember tips so that you can keep your upholsteries safe and gorgeous.

The Do’s:

Always read the label

Most upholstered furniture come with specific instructions. Look around and you’ll know whether it is safe to use detergent solutions on your furniture. Learn to interpret the letters on the label. Remember, when there is an “X” on the label, don’t try to clean it yourself. These upholsteries need special kind of chemicals to clean them and blindly applying different products will not be good for your furniture.

Blot/ dab spillage

Do this immediately after you spill that cranberry juice on your couch. Do not let the spillage sit for a long time. If it’s allowed to settle, it will be really difficult to remove later. Also, don’t try to rub it off. Simply take a white cloth or paper towel and blot the spillage.

Vacuum regularly: This is the most basic care that you can give your furniture. Regularly vacuum the loose dust off your furniture. Or you can simply use a duster to rid your furniture of unwanted dust. Do this daily and you upholstered beauties will sparkle like they are brand new.

Seek professional help

In case of a severe disaster, seek professional help. If you forgot to clean that red wine you spilt on your sofa yesterday, don’t bother trying to clean it today, Chances are you will only make things worse. So just sit back and let the cleaning professionals do their magic.

Use mild detergents

If the fabric of our upholstery allows the use of simple detergent solution, use the mildest one you can find. Better not to take any risk. Also, use as little water as possible and make sure the wet areas are dried off properly.

The Don’ts:

Don’t bleach your upholstery

Let me make this clear; never bleach your upholsteries, not even the color friendly ones. The bleach will only break down the fibers of the layer and ruin your furniture. Rather, use warm water and detergent solution to remove easy stains and dirt. You can also use a soft bristled toothbrush to remove difficult stains.

Avoid all in one products

Different kinds of stains need different kinds of care. Using a multipurpose product may do add to the ruin. Use specific cleaning products to ensure the safety of your furniture.

Don’t use a lot of water

When cleaning your furniture, don’t use water too liberally. Water is not good for your furniture. It will be absorbed by the fabric and drench the fabric. Not cool man, not cool.

Don’t use acidic products

This includes vinegars and such. The acid in these products will damage the colors of your upholsteries.

Maintaining a stunning home takes time and energy. If you put the effort, you are sure to get results. We hope this helps.

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