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Get a better running engine with these cheap simple hacks

November 19th, 2015 by admin · No Comments

As time passes, your vehicle doesn’t only depreciate morally but also physically, not being able to deliver the same amount of power and render the same feeling as it did when just bought. Regular cranks and strange noises are emerging from beneath the hood and the engine tends to hang a little before pushing the car forward even though you floor it. Still, there is no need to despair; here are a few tricks which will improve the state of your engine with little cost, making it run smoother and provide a better acceleration response as well as a better fuel economy.

  1. Replace air filter

One of the main issues leading to jerky acceleration or low throttle response is a dirty air filter. If your engine cannot breathe properly, it cannot fire pistons down hard enough, the result being a lower power output than the specs provide. Usually a new air filter doesn’t cost more than a $20 and can be found on any automotive parts shop. Replacing the old filter is also a pretty easy task. You can find instructions on how to do it in your car’s service manual.

  1. Spark plugs check

Another element in direct connection with the engine’s throttle response is the spark plug. Spark plugs deliver an electrical charge which lights up the compressed air-fuel mixture inside the cylinder, firing it down and creating kinetic energy which will be eventually transferred to the wheels. If one or more of your spark plugs malfunctions and doesn’t provide the necessary spark, your engine will gain less kinetic power thus transferring less to the wheels.

Get a spark plug key from any local parts shop for under $15 then go ahead and pop the hood of your vehicle, remove the plastic cover of the engine and unscrew spark plugs one by one. If there are signs of oil or heavy deposits on the spark tip, you should consider replacing them. When finished, make sure you properly screw them back in the engine block, not leaving any room for oil or debris to get inside.

  1. Replace oil and oil filter

This one may be a little tricky depending on your car’s make and model and is recommended to undergo the procedure in a service unit if you have no previous experience on the task. Get the right oil for your vehicle type and replace it along with the oil filter. Don’t be greedy and spend an extra few bucks on a quality filter as it will prove to be a save on the long run. If you are not sure how to do an oil exchange on your own, drive your car to a professional service unit. Most of the time, you may benefit from a free oil exchange when buying the oil and filter from their store.

  1. Check engine coolant level

In some cases engine coolant level may have dropped, causing the engine to overheat and thus operate below regular parameters. Running with less coolant for prolonged periods of time will not only under-power your engine but will also produce internal damage due to high temperatures. Check your car’s coolant level on the expansion tank and refill if needed. You will ensure that your engine will work under recommended temperature thus providing peak power and optimum fuel economy.

If your vehicle doesn’t show any sign of improvement after applying the above hacks then the problem may be more complex and it is not recommended to tackle it on your own. Instead, you may visit TAMPA AUTO REPAIR with FREE TOWING Auto Service and ask for professional help.


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