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Wooden alphabet trains-excellent gift for children

November 25th, 2015 by admin · No Comments

Educating your child with alphabet letters in a home school, in a school classroom setting, or simply assisting your pre-school kid get an opportunity on understanding the alphabet letters, the “Hands-On Learning: wooden train letters ” set is perfect for you.

For teaching the alphabet letters the alphabet trains set is an excellent tool. The set offers a fun-filled, enjoyable way for the student to discover the shape of the alphabet letters and the letter/word connection using the wooden train letters and word picture cards. Tracing the alphabets and pictures, not just exercises the muscle/mind coordination required for writing, however even re- strengthens the memory. Learning the letter name, the letter shape and the sound symbolized by the letter is the means to creating word/picture connection necessary for writing and reading.

The wooden name train set is well organized and well built. The picture stencils and letter stencils are made up of strong 3/64 inch solid card stock and covered on every side with a plastic finish for trouble-free clean-up and durability.

The Maple landmark train set includes twenty six (26) alphabet letters and twenty six (26) alphabet photo stencils. The Letter stencil card is 5 inches high and 4 ¼ inches wide with a push-out letter which is 4 inches high and 3 1/4 inches wide. The alphabet photo stencil card is 5 inches high and 3 ¼ inches wide with a push-out photo that slightly varies in size depends on the item being pictured. On the stencil card the word for the item pictured is printed for simple reference. Pushing out the picture or letter makes a negative and a positive stencil for use in purpose of drawing to understand the letter and the word for the item pictured.

The Name Train set would be a help for the classroom or the home and is an extremely helpful tool for teaching the wooden train letters. In addition, playing and assembling and with the train can enhance the kid’s socialization and communication skills. Although one kid can get pleasure from wood letter train sets, they’re always more enjoyable if a friend or parent is nearby.

These days, kids all over the globe, as well as those in Ohio, can take pleasure in wooden alphabet trains sets. These toys have remained well-liked although they need no controllers or power sources. But, wooden train letters sets are yet useful in nurturing kid’s mental, physical, and social development; and offering hours of enjoyment. Wooden train letters is a perfect Christmas Toy.



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