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The stretch limos were launched log back, and they are designed along the lines of the full sized, long luxury vehicles. It is to position it in a bracket slightly different from the ordinary limos and the other pickup vehicles that manufacturers incorporated features from various vehicle segments and called this a stretch limo. It was meant to offer the facility of a luxury rental vehicle with the comfort, power and other benefits of any other contemporary in the market.

There are a number of stretch limos accessories available as aftermarket products, to protect the exteriors and interiors of the vehicle. They include accessories for floor protection, wind deflectors and seat covers. To protect the dashboard of the vehicles from the everyday wear and tear and also protect it from scratches, dents and sun damage, Houston limosine rentals use the customized dash mats.

For floor protection there a range of floor mats available that are custom molded and protect the carpet from mud and moisture. The mats have anti-slip fasteners on the underside that keep them in place. To clean them, you can take them out and clean and wipe them dry. Other available accessories are bike racks and ski carriers, hitch plugs and covers, hitch steps, bars and tire steps, towing and cargo carriers, pet and cargo partitions, pet pad seats, lights and lighting products and mirrors.

So, all you need to do is ask for a certain service, and your rental vehicle will be fitted just right. There’ll be extra charges as per your stretch limosine rental requirement, but for a service fee everything is available. There are a number of pictures of each of the stretch limos for rentals in Houston. The pictures enable you to view the vehicle from all angles, from the comfort of your office or home and help pick just what you like.

Most limosine rental services in Houston offer more or less the same type of services, which means that you just have to select the one nearest to your house or office. You do not even have to worry about the bill amount because all the rentals pretty much offer basically the same rates for their services. A large number of stretch rentals are available online. These online limo rentals not only deal with renting for the heck of it but also carry out comprehensive car repair services. This ensures quality service at all times. Renting cars from these online car dealers saves both time and money spent on traveling to various regular stretch limos rental outlets.

You’ll always notice that amongst your multiple rental options, some are considered to be premium among businesses that deal with various limo types, and service. The Houston limosine services are committed to offering quality rental cars. Pick a rental company that offers competitive and hassle-free pricing, along with excellent car services with transparent pricing terms, which ensures a simple, plain and easy limo renting experience. It’s a great idea to rent just what you please so take a look, and pick the best vehicle on offer.

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