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Houston Limousine

Limousines fall into the category of royal cars or luxury cars. The noticeable uniqueness of the limousine is its lengthened wheel base. Houston Limousine act as a standard ambassador for momentous journeys and limos are commonly chosen for all special occasions like wedding, bachelor parties, etc.

Houston Limousines have got lots of classifications based on the differences in its style and appearance. Apart from that, alterations can be made on a standard limousine to make it a stretch limousine by some adjustments on the chassis of the car. The chassis of a limousine can be extended to get a stretched style of a standard Houston limousine. Limousines have traditional relevance in its style and appearance and the standard colors of white and black in limousines make it so special for many.

Even though limousines have significant relevance, it is only seen among the rich class of society when it comes to ownership. Majority of limousines are owned and operated by the government to facilitate transportation of distinguished dignitaries of the country or for any special guests. Apart from that, limousine cars are seen among a few rich personalities and it definitely belongs to that sleek class. Some of the stretch limousines can be found operating as taxi cabs all over the United States and Europe. This gives everyone the opportunity to use such a vehicle on a special day. Bullet proof limousines as well as armored limousine cars are seen operating for some special personalities.

History suggests that the first limousine was built way back in 1902, and the architecture of the car made the driver sit outside, under a well covered cabin. Alterations on limousines were made and it was in the year 1928, the first stretch limousine was successfully launched, with the help of an extendable chassis mechanism of the limousine. It was built in a coach factory in Arkansas and at that time, it was used to carry highly dignified personalities of some popular bands. Along with those dignitaries, band equipment too was carried in the limousine.

Another most noticeable fact of Limos is the way in which the cars are having a partition or slide in the vehicle. It is designed in such a way that there is a partition or slide between the driver’s seat and the rest of the limousine body. The driver’s seat would be covered with a sound proof glass and this ensures complete privacy for the passengers sitting in the car. The sound proof glass restricts the driver from hearing anything from the rear end. If the passengers and the driver need to communicate with each other, the glass has to be pushed and opened. Otherwise, the limousine would be incorporated with an intercom facility to enable communication between the driver and passengers.

The traditional importance of a limousine prompts people to rent the best one for special occasions. Limousines are rented for funeral ceremonies, weddings, parties, transportation for officials, etc. From wedding parties to bachelor parties, from airport travel to a holiday travel-for anything and everything you can find a Houston limousine for rent, if you wish to make your trip a royal and memorable one.

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