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5 of the Best: The All-Time Best Choices You Can Make when Buying a Car

August 27th, 2014 by admin · No Comments

There are a lot of choices that you get bombarded with when you are getting ready to buy a car. The situation only gets worse when you get crowded by pushy salesmen that are only trying to get a sale but all their managing to do is get you confused.

A car purchase is among the most important purchases and responsibilities that you will ever face and you have to go about it in a sober manner. It helps to have someone with experience in cars when you are going to buy one to point you in the right direction. However, just in case you do not have a wingman on this, let us help you narrow down your search with this list of the five best choices in motor vehicles.

i.            The Volkswagen Golf

If you are looking for an affordable small car this is the one for you. It has impressively agile handling, great cargo space (don’t let the looks deceive you) and the interior is just perfect. There is a lot of power in that little car given its turbo-charged four cylinder engine, yet is quite economical with regards to fuel. It is a comfortable ride with great steering and braking systems that assures you of safety and great performance on the road.

ii.            The Honda Accord

This is the best mid-sized car you could get for yourself. It fits the bill with precise handling, great fuel economy, strong (almost sport-like) performance and a spacious cabin. It also has a long standing reputation of excellence among the mid-sized sedans and so it has been around and doing well for many years. Later models have a lot of new, fun additions like backup cameras and automatic climate control which serve to simply enhance an already excellent product.

iii.            The Chevrolet Impala

Now here’s an affordable large car that you are sure to love. This is a powerful machine that rivals the luxury cars, providing sporty handling, agility despite its size and a quiet cushioned ride for those off-road excursions. It is great for a family with all the creature comforts and great space in the front and back rows of the car. Not only does it perform well, but it also looks great so you can have the best of both worlds in a manner of speaking. All you will need is to get the best auto insurance and you will be good to go.

iv.            The Toyota Camry Hybrid

If you are into hybrids then this is your best buy. This car is surprisingly powerful for a hybrid mid-sized sedan and you can hardly tell when the transmission switches from gas to electric and vice versa. It will give you a quiet, cushioned, comfortable ride while ensuring you of safety with its multiple air bags (includingknee air bags).

v.            The Ford Mustang

You don’t need to break the bank to get a sports car. This will suit you and your budget just fine. The car has impressive horsepower; it is incredibly athletic on the road and has pretty good handling. It has powerful brakes which is important for a sports car (we know you will want to push it to the limit) and a lovely interior that make the driving experience simply unforgettable.


Once you get your car, remember to get the best auto insurance your money can buy. For more information on cars and insurance policies available please visit our site.



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