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Dealership told you that you need a new module?

June 6th, 2013 by Houston Limos · No Comments

We reset all fault codes (hard codes and soft codes) and your module is new again. The dealer and/or scan tools will not be able to clear hard codes also known as crash data. After you receive the module from us you will not have to take it to the dealer for any additional programming. All airbag control modules can be repaired, reset and reprogrammed, except if flood or fire damaged.

At we save you money rebuilding your automotive electronics.

Even after small accident hard codes will be stored in the module. You are now able to re-use the same airbag module. Airbag control module is also known as “sdm, sensor, computer, derm and brain.” We can reset your airbag light and clear any crash codes inside your computer module.

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