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Get Personalised Number Plates

February 15th, 2013 by Houston Limos · No Comments

Some people like personalised number plates for several reasons. They give individuality to a vehicle, allow them to show off and even promote their favourite sports team. Personalised number plates can be allocated by the DVLA if the vehicle is to be driven on public roads. The actual number plates can then be created using specialist software available on line. The font, style, size and images which are used on a number plate for an on road vehicle must adhere to the regulations of the Road Traffic Act. Personalised number plates created for off road vehicles do not have such restrictions. Any combination of letters and images can be used.

Some car owners may want to make their cars unique by having personalised number plates.Saloon cars look very much alike these days, so having a personalised number plate will make the car more easily recognisable. High performance sports cars also have individuality and draw attention. Some people like to paint their cars in garish colours or designs to show they are not run of the mill and others upgrade the wheels with bigger tyres or paint wheel hubs to make them more eye-catching. Personalised number plates are the easiest and most economical way to give the vehicle individuality and that “look at me” flamboyancy. They can even be considered to be a fashion accessory and be used to show that the owner is that bit unusual and does not follow the crowd.

Personalised number plates can be used on vehicles which are to be used in trade shows and exhibitions. They make the product stand out from the crowd and can help promote the product, usually a car, but can be a motorcycle, van or other vehicle. Personalised number plates can portray the name of the company and its logo, or the name of the model. This is a great way to promote new products and bring them into the public eye.

Personalised number plates can be used to communicate the profession of the driver. The LAW combination of letters can, for example, be used to show that the driver is in the legal profession. The letters LOO are popular with plumbers!

Personalised number plates can, then, be created for off road or on road use. The only restriction is the owner’s creativity if the vehicle is to be used off road only. For on road vehicles, owners will have to agree a particular personalised number plate with the DVLA. Some personalised number plates can be investments if they become in demand. Bidding at auction for a particular number is not unusual with some plates being sold for thousands of pounds.

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