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How To Buy The Best Convertible Car Seat

January 8th, 2014 by Houston Limos · No Comments

Car seats have been known as a life-saver for babies and young kids all over the world. Since accidents are inevitable, it is very important that parents must never take this for granted. The use of these safety seats has proven to have saved a lot of lives. With this, it is always best to get a convertible car seat for your child to make sure that he will always be protected.

However, it is not easy to find the best seat for your child as you need to be very careful about it. After all, you should never make any mistake since it is always a life and death situation. Here are some tips that you can use in buying the best convertible car seat for your baby.

Height, Weight and Age

You should always consider the height and weight of your child. This is because he should meet the weight and height limits of the car seat that you are getting. For instance, we know that most car seats can accommodate babies who weigh five pounds and more than that, so your child should be at least this heavy. If your child weighs less, perhaps, it would be better to settle to an infant seat where he can fit better and when the right weight comes, you can shift him to a convertible seat.

On the other hand, some convertible seats can accommodate up to 70 pounds, so if your child weighs more than 70, it would better to look for something more suitable for him such as a booster. There are also convertible seats that can accommodate children up to 100 pounds and can be converted into booster seats. With this, your child should be at least 38 inches and up to 57 inches tall. Most importantly, he must be at least 4 years old.

Always remember never to let your child use a seat that does not meet his needs because it will only hurt him more and it will never do him any good in the end.

Safety features

Since you are getting a convertible seat for your child’s safety, then it is a must to check on its safety features. It should have a side impact protection that will keep your child’s head, neck and spine properly aligned to do away with injuries that can be very fatal. It should be easy to install and it should have a five-point harness to keep him properly restrained. Another thing that you should never omit is its LATCH system. You need to remember that all of the aforementioned safety features are deemed useless if the car seat is not installed properly. With this, find something that can be easily installed even for a novice parent, like you. This will really make a lot of difference knowing that the connection between the car and the convertible seat is very strong.

This vital information will truly help you in finding the best convertible car seat for your baby.

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