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Importance of quick windshield recovery

July 17th, 2013 by Houston Limos · No Comments

Damage to any property nowadays is a common occurrence. Earlier people used to go berserk if any of their belongings were damaged by others or even by themselves.  House window glasses may break, flower pots may fall down and crumble and furniture may be destroyed by simple, regular and common accidents. Cars are the prime targets of almost all accidents. Cars are arguably the most damage inflicted objects that a man can possess. The basic reason for this is the fact that a majority of cars are parked outdoors. All the cars keep moving with the traffic and one mistake by the rider or by someone else may inflict undesirable damage.

Windows, flower pots and other items do not need to be replaced immediately. But, it is very essential to replace or repair car damages and especially to ones which are inflicted on windshields. A damaged windshield is a dangerous item to be tampered with. For us it’s just another broken object but, it actually can be dangerous and to an extent fatal for the owners of the car as well as for others. There are few countries in the world who charge car owners for driving cars with broken or damaged windshields.

Cars are not ordinary items so their maintenance requires special attention. It is important to repair or replace damaged windshields as soon as possible because of the following reasons-


A damaged windshield, on exposure to fast winds, may break off and the minute particles of glass may pierce the eye or other body parts.


A broken frontal glass doesn’t allow us to view things that are on the way ahead making it almost impossible to drive with good vision. Without the vision, we are certainly on road to meet an accident or inflict damage to others.


A damaged windshield hampers the interior of the car. With cracks and gaps in the glass, water and moisture can easily get inside the car and settle on the fabric seats. This will create bad odor, dampness and may invite moss and fungus making the interior unhygienic.

Ignorance hazard-

People think that a broken windshield won’t bother them in any way and they use the damaged windshield to a few dollars. But, the damage that a broken windshield can do is multiple times greater than the actual damage on the glass screen. It may even cost fatalities, causing deaths and injuries that may be very critical. Investment in repair is better than saving for a shock.

The author is a technical advisor at Speers Auto Glass in Oakville, Ontario. For more information about replacing damaged windshields please visit

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