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LED Headlights are the Future

July 7th, 2013 by Houston Limos · No Comments

LED Headlights

Since the dawn of the automotive age technology used in our cars and trucks has been ever changing, each component year after year being replaced or upgraded with something more sophisticated, more powerful or more efficient. From the first candle-powered head lamps used in the early part of the 1900’s to today’s OEM equipped High Intensity Discharge (HID) light sources, comes a new revolution in automotive forward lighting technology. You may have heard about it and you may have even seen a motorcycle or semi-truck going down the road using a full 100% LED headlight system, but be prepared to see more and more! Something called the Headlight Revolution is coming, where gone are the days of inefficient filament headlights and even the new HID lighting systems are being given a run for their money!

LED headlights are the future, and LED headlights are already here! Today if you drive a semi-truck, a motorcycle, a classic car or a vehicle using 7” round headlights, there are already products readily available from JW Speaker, GTR Lighting, Truck-Lite and other manufacturers who offer a drop-in, plug & play option to upgrade your headlights to LED. LED technology is used for headlights because it offers the ability to produce more light output than stock while using less energy, looking better and lasting longer. For example, the JW Speaker model #8630 6” round LED headlight (used in classic cars, motorcycles and industrial trucks) produces a staggering 1,200 Lumen of light output at the cost of only 2 amps at 12VDC. To get even close to the same amount of light from a 55w halogen headlight bulb, it would draw closer to 5 amps at 12VDC and only last a fraction of the amount of time the LED counterpart does.

Another exciting development in headlight technology is a prototype LED light bulb replacement for standard headlight bulb styles (e.g. 9006, H4, H7, etc…) which produces 1,800 Lumen of light output and is a direct drop-in replacement, coming soon from GTR Lighting. Again harrowing the demise of the halogen light bulb, and giving more reasons for the common HID conversion kit to go by the wayside.

Whether you’re an HID junky, a retrofitter, or a motorist concerned with getting the best performing, most efficient product on your ride, whatever it may be, then I’d strongly urge you to look into the new options that may be available for you to upgrade to! Today you can buy LED light bulb replacements for your turn signals, full LED headlight housings, LED interior lights, LED accent lighting and soon even LED headlight bulbs that are safe to drive with.

For more up to date information specifically on new automotive lighting products that YOU could have, please check out the Better Automotive Lighting Blog to learn about all kinds of lights (that you never knew existed!) and why one is better than another.

Happy motoring!

-Chris Nelson

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