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Maintain Your Transmission!

October 22nd, 2013 by Houston Limos · No Comments

A car is very similar to the human body: it has “organs” that all work in unison to allow your car to operate smoothly and efficiently.  A car is also like a human body because if one of those “organs” were to fail then the car would be rendered effectively unusable.  While the engine is the most important “organ” and is essentially the heart, the transmission is just as important and can be likened to every other major “organ” in a body.  You have to care for your care just as you care for your own body and so it is important to perform regular maintenance on your transmission to make sure it is running as smooth as possible.

When performing maintenance on your transmission, there are a few key areas to inspect and the most important one is the transmission fluid. The transmission fluid is extremely important for your car’s performance because, just as your engine needs oil, it will not function smoothly and the gears can wear themselves down much faster than normal.  To have your transmission fluid changed on an automatic car you need to seek a professional technician to perform it, but for a manual transmission it is much easier and all you have to do is raise the car, locate the transmission fluid area, drain it, and refill it with the proper grade fluid.

The second major aspect to look at on your transmission is the transmission pump.  This is a very important part of your car because it is where the transmission and the engine are connected.  The pump is connected directly to the engine crankshaft which operates the pump whenever the engine is running.  If this is not running properly it can cause your transmission to wear out because the fluid is not being distributed through the system correctly, vastly reducing the longevity of the transmission.  To check for this there are a few signs such as high engine temperature, increased noise level, and frequent engine light on your dashboard.  If you have any of these symptoms, consult a technician as soon as possible to have it replaced and keep your engine and transmission running smoothly.

Transmission is one of the most important features of your car and if you do not maintain it properly you run the risk of reducing the longevity of your car.  Simply doing regular transmission repair can help prevent and promote longer car life.  Grisham Transmission is one of the leading Nashville transmission repair providers and if you feel like you have problems with your car, give them a call.

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