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Purpose of having a Radiator

October 21st, 2014 by admin · No Comments

How Does a Radiator Function?

Have you ever wondered how your radiator works? How it is able to maintain your engine running without it seizing up? Throughout the article, we will be briefly discussing the functionality of your engine and how the radiator plays a big role in keeping your car moving. In today’s society, keeping up with the maintenance of our vehicle is essential to do our daily lives. Whether that is heading to work, picking up the kids from soccer practice or getting some groceries to feed the family, our vehicle helps us get to where we want to be.

What a car engine does is it burns fuel and uses friction to give you car motion. By doing so, this process creates large amount of heat that is building within the engine. As the heat builds within the engine and is not diverted, it will cause the cylinders to snap which will cause your engine to break down. Here is where the thermostat of front of the engine comes into play. The thermostat has a preset temperature and once the heat reaches to that point, the thermostat will open. Doing so, the thermostat will allow the coolant and water to flow within the engine into the cylinder, causing the heat to reduce in the engine. The coolant and water is held by the radiator and once the coolant/water goes through the cylinders in the engine, it is diverted back into the radiator. If the radiator would fail for any reason, the engine would overheat and would cause the issues mention earlier in the article.

At Santa Monica Radiator, there highly trained employees are experience and posses the knowledge to perform car repairs on your vehicle.

Here are the following services that the mechanics of Santa Monica provide:

o   Radiator Repair

o   Water Pumps

o   Air Conditioning Repair

o   Brakes

o   Timing Belt

o   Engine Repair

o   Electrical

o   Steering

o   Axles & CV Boots

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