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Rebuilt Transmissions

April 17th, 2013 by Houston Limos · No Comments

Rebuilt Transmissions

Remanufactured transmissions or rebuilt transmissions are merely used transmissions that have been completely taken apart and rebuilt using brand new parts for the major internal components while using the old, used transmission housing.

Choosing a Rebuilt Transmission Can Save Money

Many people opt to purchase a rebuilt transmission because of the substantial cost savings versus investing in a new transmission. In most cases, a rebuilt transmission will save 50 percent or more over the cost of a brand new one. With today’s new transmissions costing in the range of $1950 to $4000, the savings can be quiet substantial. In addition to the price, another comforting factor is that most rebuilt transmissions come with warranties that offer parts and labor guarantees from one to even five years in some cases.

Rebuilt transmissions are also considered “the green choice.” It requires considerably less energy and consumption of natural resources to remanufacture a transmission than to manufacture a new one. Most environmental analysts estimate that rebuilt transmissions use only about 1/10 the energy and resources needed to manufacture one new.

Today’s modern transmission repair shops utilize newer technologies that make the transmissions more affordable and dependable than ever. It is a safe bet to purchase a remanufactured transmission.  In fact, many of the country’s largest shippers and transportation corporations make it a common practice to use rebuilt transmissions rather than to buy new since they are so affordable and reliable.

Choose Wisely to Avoid Future Transmission Problems

The biggest problem with purchasing a rebuilt transmission lies in the competency of the shop rebuilding it.  Less than reputable shops may try to save money and cut corners by leaving used gears and parts in place. Also, to save money on construction costs, some companies may take shortcuts and use existing seals and gaskets rather than installing new ones. This results in a leaky transmission that tends not to last very long.

Another possible problem is the fact that some transmission shops don’t offer suitable guarantees. While some rebuild shops do offer lengthy warranties, many companies that remanufacture transmissions offer warranties of a year or less. This is a major red flag.  A good transmission shop should be willing to stand behind its product and offer a at minimum a yearlong warranty.  While the cost of rebuilt transmissions is lower than a new one, it is still a large investment and you should expect and receive a long warranty.

Other Rebuilt Transmission Concerns

While purchasing a brand new transmission will have a higher up front investment, a new transmission will almost always work properly from the get go. With a rebuilt one, you never know what you’re getting until you actually have the transmission installed. If you are leaning more towards a rebuilt transmission, be sure to do thorough research on the transmission shop that rebuilt the transmission as well as take into consideration the warranty they offer. Be sure that they put the guarantee in writing and clearly state it on the final invoice.

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