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Where to buy tyres for your limo

January 28th, 2014 by Houston Limos · No Comments

While most vehicles for individual use are purchased based on their value, those who are in the limousine industry understand that finding the right set of tyres is absolutely essential. Customer safety and comfort is top priority with any respectable limousine company, making the tyres a crucial factor.

Avoiding Inexpensive Limo Tyres

Making a profit and staying in business is completely understandable, however choosing low quality tyres based on their total price opens a limousine company up to poor handling, decreased road safety, and substantial refund requests from dissatisfied customers. Lower quality tyres can make turns and handling incredibly dangerous, especially in stretch limousines. Additionally, the low quality also makes these tyres less capable of handling heavier loads and more apt to bursting when they reach higher speeds.

Keeping your customers safe and happy is an absolute must, which is why you should consider only the highest rated and top tyre brands for your limousines.

Understanding Load Capacity

Load capacity plays a crucial role in your limousine tyres, and is something you should take into account before purchasing any new set. Since limousines, especially stretch limos, are expected to carry multiple people on a consistent basis, they must be well equipped to handle a heavier load. This means you need to consider tyres with the heaviest load index.

The higher the load index, the more people your limousine can safely carry and the safer the ride will be in general. This means that, for the load index, limousines should take the weight of a fully loaded limousine and divide that number by four. Once that number has been obtained then that can be used as the load index number for each of the tyres.

Quality Brand Name Tyres

With the hundreds of tyres available on the market, finding a quality brand can be difficult. Fortunately there are many experienced limousine companies who vouch for certain brands due to their exceptional performance, high load index, and more. One such brand that stands out for many is the Michelin tyres, however the Yokohama is also a preferred tyre brand.

Shopping Online or Offline

If you are looking for somewhere to buy your new set of limousine tyres, then you have plenty of choices. After you have decided on the brand and style that you are looking for, you can then begin searching a variety of stores for the best price. While going with the cheapest product is never recommended, that doesn’t mean you can’t save a few bucks on a high quality product by comparing the deals at different stores!

Shopping online generally allows for a much wider range in stock, especially if you are shopping somewhere like Ozzy Tyres or other reputable stores. Online stores often have

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