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Car vinyl graphics and wrapping – Everything you’ll ever need to know

June 9th, 2015 by admin · No Comments

When it comes to popular, successful, competitive, and extremely lucrative businesses and industries, the motor vehicle modification industry is without question a prime example that meets all of the above listed criteria, and then some.

Every single day, people from all over the world purchase modifications and accessories for their vehicles, in a bid to make them look and perform better and more efficiently. Some people go for subtle modifications such as a new air filter perhaps, whilst others go all out and fit new wheels, engines, and bodykits onto their cars.

No matter what you’re trying to achieve, without question the one thing that can really alter and improve the appearance of your vehicle more than anything else, is changing the colour of your vehicle, and although many wish they could do this, the cost for a full re-spray is simply too high.

The good news is that there is an alternative, and not just a cheaper alternative either, but a more effective and better looking alternative too, which comes in the form of car vinyl graphics and wrapping.

What is car vinyl wrapping?

Often referred to as car wrapping, or car vinyl wrapping, (or vehicle wrapping for bikes, vans, lorries etc), it is basically a process which transforms the overall appearance of a vehicle, I.E the colour, by using a number of large sheets of specially created vinyl material to each individual panel located on the vehicle. A wrap is basically a large decal or graphic, that is applied directly over the top of the original paint work of the vehicle, by trained professionals using specialist tools and equipment to ensure a smooth, sleek, and professional finish.

Who might want to use car vinyl graphics and wraps?

The great thing about these materials and these processes, is that they’re becoming more and more popular because a variety of different people can use them. Examples of who might want to use car vinyl graphics and wraps include:

Businesses – Business can benefit greatly from advertising, and that means that if you were to get your company logo and contact details created in wrap form and fitted to your vehicle, you will now basically have a mobile advertising billboard, advertising your business. Another reason why businesses may benefit is that it can help them look professional.

People looking to alter the appearance of their vehicle – If you’re looking to change the colour of your vehicle, but can’t afford a re-spray, or simply don’t want one, these wraps are ideal as they allow you to completely alter the colour of your vehicle in the space of a couple of hours.

Racing drivers – Whether amateur, semi-pro, or pro, these graphics and wraps are ideal for racing drivers for displaying names, numbers, and various sponsors and sponsorship details.

What are some of the more practical benefits?

 As we mentioned, these wraps and graphics are becoming increasingly popular with each passing day, and for good reason too. Here are a few of the more practical benefits of these wraps, other than just for changing the colour of your vehicle.

They’re very affordable – In times of double dip recessions, credit crunches, and financial crisis, finding something practical and affordable is a rare thing indeed, but thankfully car vinyl wraps and graphics are just that. They allow you to achieve a finish that is equal, or some would say even better, than a re-spray, for a mere fraction of the cost.

They’re ideal for re-sale value – Say your favourite colour in Neon pink and you decided you wanted a neon pink car. If you were to get it sprayed neon pink, you would then be stuck with that colour until the vehicle was sprayed again. This would obviously make it extremely difficult for you if you ever wanted to sell your car. If you were to have a neon pink vinyl graphics wrap fitted to your car however, then you could enjoy it until you were ready to sell the car, then the wrap could simply be removed, taking the car back to its original colour, making it far easier for you to sell.

They protect the bodywork – The materials used in these wraps is durable, protective, and hardwearing, which means it protects your bodywork from abrasions and stone chips, keeping the vehicle looking in tip top condition.

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